Interview with Nick Hounslow

Nick Hounslow is an A list celebrity trainer living in LA. Nick, originally from the UK, moved to America to pursue his modeling career, and has never looked back. He is now on the books of top modelling and talent agencies, is part owner of CycleHouse in LA, trains the likes of Nicole Kidman and looks damn good!! Lets see what this gorgeous man (who is also super nice and friendly) has to say about how we too can have the body of an A lister!

nick 4


How did you become a personal trainer?

After high school I decided to take a personal training course the summer before I started University. I had been training myself since I was 15 but wanted to know more about the human body and different ways to train. That same summer I became qualified spin, yoga and pilates instructors.
Your clients include A list celebs, how did this come about?

I’ve been modeling since I was 17 in London so through this industry you start meeting a lot of people. Added to that I was building a name for myself teaching my classes at CycleHouse in West Hollywood. I was approached by one A listers people to come ‘audition’ for the job as trainer. 6 years later I have developed an awesome client list traveling with many on TV and movie sets around the world getting them in shape for various roles.

nicole kClaire Holt and boyfriend go for lunch
What are your top tips for getting a lean, toned physique?

Commitment, dedication and changing it up.  The human body is incredibly smart. It quickly becomes used to one routine and needs to change to adapt, grow and change. This is where you can actually make it fun believe it or not. It’ s great excuse to break routine and go try out some new fitness class or physical activity you have never done or been too scared to even try. Added to the physical side of things is diet. It accounts for 75-80% of what your body feels and looks like.

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They say abs are made in the kitchen, what are your top diet tips?

Let me start by saying this. EVERYONE has a six pack. it’s true! It’s just a little more buried in some people than others. Diet is key. Body fat needs to be low to reveal a toned slender torso. My top 5 tips:

1 – Cut out the drinking … if that seems impossible just drink Fri and Sat. Keep it to lower sugar drinks (vodka soda, tequila lime soda. Wine and beer are the worst for sugar and worst on the waistline.

2 – Up the protein, reduce the carbs…that doesn’t mean no carbs…just keep them lower and stacked at breakfast and lunch. Your evening meal should be lean proteins and greens (veg&salads)

3 – Avoid eating after 730pm…you need to go to bed a little hungry and not stuffed full

4 –  Hydrate…keep drinking. Flushing the system and hydrating cells actually helps lean you out alongside giving you a lot more energy.

5 – Avoid the sugar…try to get your sugars from fruit and natural sources.

You live in LA, is the health and fitness scene very different over there?

I think LA is at the cutting edge of fitness. To me it is very different to London and the UK. However it IS changing which is so amazing to see. Even seeing smaller gyms and group fitness classes opening up in smaller towns and villages across the UK shows the growth and change in the health and wellness industry.

nick 2
Do you avoid any food groups?

I do my best to avoid dairy and wheat….although I am not perfect and have a weakness of sugar…particularly cupcakes haha. I go for a 90:10 balance. Everyone needs a cheat day during your week. Whats interesting though is once you have been off any food group you are sensitive to upon introducing it to your system again you feel how bad it can make you feel. It makes me not want to cheat as much. Listening to your body is key. It tells you when a certain food group is not good for you.

nick 10
Do you take supplements?

Currently I am taking no supplements apart from adding a hemp protein to smoothies I make at home.

nick 8

What does your weekly exercise routine look like?

I teach 9 spin classes a week…so my cardio is covered 🙂 Additionally I love to lift weights. For me it is alone time to unwind, listen to music and zone out.  I also have started Pilates classes twice a week to work on my posture. I try to make a hot yoga class twice a month to stretch out my entire body.

How often should we change up our exercise routine?

Every 4-6 weeks. Small changes. Just to keep the body guessing.

nick 11
You host classes at CycleHouse, can you tell me more about your classes and how it differs from other cycle classes?

We cycle in the dark. High intensity to great music. The class is between 50-55minutes long with the exemption of my 1000calorie class on the weekend which can be anywhere from 65-85mins. The energy is incredible. At cyclehouse we believe you go through it together as a group. Yes there are different levels of riders and different body types but EVERYONE can give it their all and feel 100% supported. We really build a camaraderie. It is so rewarding to watch friendships, relationships blossom from clients you have met in spin class not to mention seeing bodies change.

nick 6
Where do you like to eat out in London?

Beagle LOVE the decor and Sunday Roast

Q Grill

And if I’m feeling fancy and want sushi….Nobu in Mayfair

Where do you like to eat out in LA?

I love:

Yatai (sushi) on Sunset blvd

Lala’s (argentine grill) on Melrose Ave

Cecconis on Melrose Ave (amazing cocktails, Italian food & breakfast)

Osteria La Buca (Italian food, melrose ave)

Nobu, Malibu

Stout (great burgers!) in Hollywood

nick 12

 What does a day in the life of Nick look like?

My days are so varied which I love. If I am not shooting or on set then my typical Off and On days are as follows:

Day OFF:

Sleep in! Workout. Go to my auditions /castings. Head to the beach & chill, go to the movies, get a massage. I really try to unwind in my downtime.

Day ON:

Teach 6am & 715am spin classes, attend auditions/castings, train some clients, lift some weights, hit some more castings then perhaps another client, meet friends for dinner and crash to bed!

Any plans to open up a CycleHouse in London?

Watch this space! I’m coming for you London! 😉

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