Interview with Nick Hounslow

Nick Hounslow is an A list celebrity trainer living in LA. Nick, originally from the UK, moved to America to pursue his modeling career, and has never looked back. He is now on the books of top modelling and talent agencies, is part owner of CycleHouse in LA, trains the likes of Nicole Kidman and looks damn good!! Lets see what this gorgeous man (who is also super nice and friendly) has to say about how we too can have the body of an A lister!

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How did you become a personal trainer?

After high school I decided to take a personal training course the summer before I started University. I had been training myself since I was 15 but wanted to know more about the human body and different ways to train. That same summer I became qualified spin, yoga and pilates instructors.
Your clients include A list celebs, how did this come about?

I’ve been modeling since I was 17 in London so through this industry you start meeting a lot of people. Added to that I was building a name for myself teaching my classes at CycleHouse in West Hollywood. I was approached by one A listers people to come ‘audition’ for the job as trainer. 6 years later I have developed an awesome client list traveling with many on TV and movie sets around the world getting them in shape for various roles.

nicole kClaire Holt and boyfriend go for lunch
What are your top tips for getting a lean, toned physique?

Commitment, dedication and changing it up.  The human body is incredibly smart. It quickly becomes used to one routine and needs to change to adapt, grow and change. This is where you can actually make it fun believe it or not. It’ s great excuse to break routine and go try out some new fitness class or physical activity you have never done or been too scared to even try. Added to the physical side of things is diet. It accounts for 75-80% of what your body feels and looks like.

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They say abs are made in the kitchen, what are your top diet tips?

Let me start by saying this. EVERYONE has a six pack. it’s true! It’s just a little more buried in some people than others. Diet is key. Body fat needs to be low to reveal a toned slender torso. My top 5 tips:

1 – Cut out the drinking … if that seems impossible just drink Fri and Sat. Keep it to lower sugar drinks (vodka soda, tequila lime soda. Wine and beer are the worst for sugar and worst on the waistline.

2 – Up the protein, reduce the carbs…that doesn’t mean no carbs…just keep them lower and stacked at breakfast and lunch. Your evening meal should be lean proteins and greens (veg&salads)

3 – Avoid eating after 730pm…you need to go to bed a little hungry and not stuffed full

4 –  Hydrate…keep drinking. Flushing the system and hydrating cells actually helps lean you out alongside giving you a lot more energy.

5 – Avoid the sugar…try to get your sugars from fruit and natural sources.

You live in LA, is the health and fitness scene very different over there?

I think LA is at the cutting edge of fitness. To me it is very different to London and the UK. However it IS changing which is so amazing to see. Even seeing smaller gyms and group fitness classes opening up in smaller towns and villages across the UK shows the growth and change in the health and wellness industry.

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Do you avoid any food groups?

I do my best to avoid dairy and wheat….although I am not perfect and have a weakness of sugar…particularly cupcakes haha. I go for a 90:10 balance. Everyone needs a cheat day during your week. Whats interesting though is once you have been off any food group you are sensitive to upon introducing it to your system again you feel how bad it can make you feel. It makes me not want to cheat as much. Listening to your body is key. It tells you when a certain food group is not good for you.

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Do you take supplements?

Currently I am taking no supplements apart from adding a hemp protein to smoothies I make at home.

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What does your weekly exercise routine look like?

I teach 9 spin classes a week…so my cardio is covered 🙂 Additionally I love to lift weights. For me it is alone time to unwind, listen to music and zone out.  I also have started Pilates classes twice a week to work on my posture. I try to make a hot yoga class twice a month to stretch out my entire body.

How often should we change up our exercise routine?

Every 4-6 weeks. Small changes. Just to keep the body guessing.

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You host classes at CycleHouse, can you tell me more about your classes and how it differs from other cycle classes?

We cycle in the dark. High intensity to great music. The class is between 50-55minutes long with the exemption of my 1000calorie class on the weekend which can be anywhere from 65-85mins. The energy is incredible. At cyclehouse we believe you go through it together as a group. Yes there are different levels of riders and different body types but EVERYONE can give it their all and feel 100% supported. We really build a camaraderie. It is so rewarding to watch friendships, relationships blossom from clients you have met in spin class not to mention seeing bodies change.

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Where do you like to eat out in London?

Beagle LOVE the decor and Sunday Roast

Q Grill

And if I’m feeling fancy and want sushi….Nobu in Mayfair

Where do you like to eat out in LA?

I love:

Yatai (sushi) on Sunset blvd

Lala’s (argentine grill) on Melrose Ave

Cecconis on Melrose Ave (amazing cocktails, Italian food & breakfast)

Osteria La Buca (Italian food, melrose ave)

Nobu, Malibu

Stout (great burgers!) in Hollywood

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 What does a day in the life of Nick look like?

My days are so varied which I love. If I am not shooting or on set then my typical Off and On days are as follows:

Day OFF:

Sleep in! Workout. Go to my auditions /castings. Head to the beach & chill, go to the movies, get a massage. I really try to unwind in my downtime.

Day ON:

Teach 6am & 715am spin classes, attend auditions/castings, train some clients, lift some weights, hit some more castings then perhaps another client, meet friends for dinner and crash to bed!

Any plans to open up a CycleHouse in London?

Watch this space! I’m coming for you London! 😉

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Interview with Kayla Itsines

Before you continue reading this article you need to go onto Kayla Itsines instagram page and take a look at Kayla’s clients body transformations, and trust me you will want to know more about this internet global sensation!

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Kayla is a personal trainer from Adelaide, Australia. Not only does she have an enviable lean and toned body of her own, but she helps others achieve it too. Kayla was inundated with requests to release an e-book after her followers demanded to know what she did to look so good. Kayla now has over one million Instagram followers, and has helped others achieve amazing results! So lets find out more Kayla….

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Where did your passion for fitness come from?

Once I graduated high school, I actually started studying beauty therapy. However, my love of sport and basketball lead to me to Personal Training, and that’s when I discovered how much I loved helping people to become healthier and happier! I have never looked back since, for me it was a great life changing decision. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

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Did you always have such an amazing body?

Definitely not. I had a really tough time at the beginning of high school. I was bullied for being “too skinny” and “weak” by my classmates. This is when I turned this negative energy from my peers into a positive lifestyle change for myself. I have trained researched for years to get my body to where it is today. Now I’m in the position where I can use this information to educate girls to feel happy and confident, like I do now!

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Cardio or strength training? Which do you think is more important? 

It’s so important to understand that both are vital. One training method will not surpass another as both have different benefits. In conjunction with recovery, there should be a balance between the two training methods.

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What annoys you? 

People who workout once and complain they don’t have an amazing body. It’s as simple as that.

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What does your daily diet look like?

I believe that variety is really important in your diet, so I always try and change it up with what I eat. Despite this my days are quite structured so I generally do plan out what I’ll eat for the day, an average day would look like this:

Breakfast: Toast with poached eggs, avocado with fresh lemon juice, & spinach leaves plus a cup of berry herbal tea.

After morning shift: A piece of fruit

Lunch: Chicken wrap with homemade tzatziki, tomato, lettuce & onion.

Afternoon snack: Tuna & corn salad a piece of fruit.

Dinner:  My absolute favourite meal is a fluffy lemon & rice soup called Avgolemono, with chicken.

Evening: I always have a cup of tea in the evening




What is your top tip for losing & toning stomach fat? 

Like I say a lot of the time with most advice I give, be consistent! Keep up a regular training program as well as keeping your eating patterns consistent. Your body and your belly will love you for it!

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Interview with Christiane Duigan

Christiane Duigan, also known as ‘Mrs Clean & Lean’ is the Director of Bodyfood at Bodyism and the face and body of the Clean & Lean diet books. Christiane lives and breathes the clean & lean lifestyle, cutting out C (Caffeine) R (Refined Sugar) A (Alcohol) P (Processed foods) and eats fresh, wholesome and seasonal foods, which detoxify and nourish the body.Christiane and her husband James Duigan (founder of Bodyism, author of Clean & Lean books) have just welcomed their second child, baby Leonardo into the world!   I wanted to find out all of Christiane’s diet and exercise tips for keeping clean & lean pre and post pregnancy!


1)  Congratulations on the birth of Baby Leo! How are you feeling?

Thank you! We’re very exciting to welcome Leonardo in to the world. I am now feeling well, but it isn’t always easy adapting and accepting all the constant changes going on in your mind and body.

2)  You have recently released a clean and lean pregnancy book can you tell us a bit more about it?

The guide is designed to make you feel supported and empowered during this amazing and challenging time. Women can get information on how to help boost their fertility, ensure they’re in the best possible shape before birth as well as reclaim their body afterwards. James has included everything a woman could need before, during and after pregnancy, from yoga poses to help boost fertility, stress-reducing foods to make conception easier, safe exercises for each stage of pregnancy and healthy dos and don’ts, to advice on dealing with morning sickness and cravings. The delicious Clean and Lean recipes are quick and easy to make and packed full of vitamins and minerals to nurture your body through every stage of pregnancy, whether you’re battling chronic morning sickness or fitting in a meal between baby’s feeds. A section on life post-baby includes getting enough sleep, recovering lost energy and how, gently, to get yourself back in shape and lose that ‘mum tum’. But it is just a guide – If you can only eat buttered white toast between your naps in bed… that is ok too!!


3)  Did your diet and exercise routine change when you were pregnant?

When you get pregnant, your instincts to love and protect your baby kick in straight away – so of course my initial idea what to eat and move well.

But the reality was very different. I was very sick and extremely tired – I had to lay in bed all day with buttered white toast and a bucket next to me! This initially felt really disappointing and naturally I started to worry about the health of the baby. But as time went on – the only thing to do was to accept and embrace what was happening to my body. It is the only way to be ok with the situation. This made me realise how lucky I was to be in perfect health before I got pregnant – that way my body had all the stores of nutrients it needed for my baby (even though it left me without!)

This of course improved as the pregnancy progressed – and the moment Charlotte was born, my cravings for delicious, nutritious, clean and lean foods came back instantly!

I do have a message for expecting mums and that is if you are not able to stick to healthy foods while you are pregnant – DONT WORRY! For 9 months – just don’t worry about it. Accept and embrace all the changes happening to your body while you grow your baby, the most precious thing you will ever have in your life, because post baby, you can eat normally again and you can get your body back!

4)  You regained your figure after giving birth to Charlotte, your first child. Do you have any advice for mothers who are trying to lose their baby weight?

As every mother – your body changes enormously while you’re pregnant. It’s a miracle what our bodies can do. I thought I would never get my body back – But 9 months after having given birth, my body was back to how it was before. I would say it takes 9 months to make a baby, 9 months to recover. The key is absolutely eating Clean and Lean. But more then that having a healthy and balanced approach to the way you eat.

This really hit home when I started weening Charlotte. Previously it was my breast milk that was keeping charlotte nourished and alive – and now it was the foods that I gave her that had to keep her healthy, nourished and alive!

I now see food as that – fuel that keeps us healthy or makes us sick! So with that in mind – I only choose the foods that make me feel good and as a result, my body responds and looks ok too!

Proper nourishment, mind set and movement is the key to a body you feel happy with. So I do a combination of training, yoga, pilates, massage and reflexology – all the things I love and am lucky enough to have access to at Bodyism.


5)  Do you have any tips for getting children to eat healthily?

When weaning your child – I found that introducing different foods early really helped and a lot of variety. Babies quickly get bored with the same foods so move on quickly once you’ve introduced something. There are so many ways to make children’s food tasty and interesting. For eg. Make chicken nuggets but coat the chicken in gluten free crumbs such as almond meal and bake them.. or use coconut oil. Children’s Clean and lean cookbook to come!!..

6) You have your own supplements range, which is your favourite?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite.. because I use them all! But If I could only take one – it would be Body Brilliance. This is the perfect blend of everything your body needs: protein (vegan), fibre, super greens and other herbs and minerals.


7)  Can you tell us what a normal day is like for you?

Here is a day out of my calendar when I’m in London: Take Charlotte to swimming class, Meeting with our new General Manager, Yoga, Cook lamb shoulder hot pot, Finish edits on the next book

8) Where are your favourite places to eat out in London?

My favourite breakfast and lunch spot is Granger & Co in Notting Hill and favourite dinner is Zuma

9)  What is your favourite cheat meal?

Anything warm, gooey and chocolatey!

10) You always come across so positive, how do you achieve this?

James always says ‘ a transformation that happens in your body, happens in your mind first’ I carry this philosophy in every aspect of my life – there is just no other way to be! Amazing things happen when you’re happy, positive and present to every moment.

11) What are your favourite beauty products?

At the moment i’m loving:

Georgia Louise – Cleanse + Heal Duo Balm

De Mamiel – Pregnancy oil

All body products by Mama Mio !

12) What are your top health tips, for those wanting to lose weight and get healthy?

Read Clean and Lean Diet!


Interview with Millie Mackintosh

If you follow Millie on instagram or twitter, you will have noticed she is really into her health and fitness, posting amazing pictures of healthy dishes or tweeting about her workouts. She was recently on Celebrity Masterchef, where she demonstrated her culinary skills and is the new face of beauty brand NiP+Fab. Having seen Millie in the flesh it is clear to see why she is in demand, she has an amazing  figure… so what are her top tips for getting a toned body?

1) Where do you like to train?

I like to mix it up and do around five workouts a week, I do Paolas Body barre maybe twice a week, barrecore, hot yoga basics for an hour, weight training with Richard Tidmarsh at Reach Fitness and maybe one SBC class. Psycle is a great spin class I try to go to if I’m in soho for the day. Obviously not all of that in one week but those are the places I go and I’m always open to trying new things


2)- How often do you work out?

Four/Five times a week depending on how busy I am


3) What restaurants do you like eat out in?

I love The Good Life Eatery for a healthy brunch after a work out! For sushi I love Roka and for cheat night I love Italian, Locanda Locatelli is my favourite

4) What does a typical diet look like for you?

 I don’t diet, I eat clean in the week.. No wheat or dairy, no processed food, no fizzy drinks, nothing in batter.

Then on the weekend I eat whatever I feel like.. I love getting a breakfast burger or burrito on weekends from my farmers market


 5) After your MasterChef success, any plans to release a cookbook?

Maybe… I’ve got a lot in the pipeline, I love cooking and sharing recipes so it would be fun


 6) How do you like to relax?

I listen to classical music and take a bath. I also find yoga helps to calm my mind

 7- You look amazing! Do you have any top tips for creating a lean and toned body?

 Find a form of exercising you enjoy that way you will keep going back.. I think mixing up your workouts gives your body more of a challenge

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Thank you Millie for sharing with us some of your top health and fitness tips!



Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine is a qualified Nutritional Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She creates the most amazing  recipes, using  fresh, wholesome, organic produce. Madeleine has such a positive  attitude to food and life, encouraging people to be happy, healthy and to ‘get the glow’!

Her positive instagram pictures will definitely make you feel energised, and ready for the day ahead!

Madeleine’s recent clients include Millie Mackintosh and Caggie Dunlop

 Click here for Madeleine’s amazing recipes, nutritional & lifestyle posts.


1) Your mantra is ‘get the glow’ can you explain what this means?

 It is about being healthy from inside out.

 2) What made you get into health and nutrition?

 I used to have terrible IBS and ate all the wrong things, I lived in Sydney at the time and started working in a organic cafe, it changed my outlook on food, health and my body.

3)  What advice do you have for those that are struggling with IBS?

 Start slow, reduce gluten , eat healthy fats, take probiotics and eat slowly.

4) What does your daily diet look like?

 Breakfast; eggs with salmon and avocado or a green smoothie. Lunch; sweet potato chips with roast chicken. Dinner; buckwheat risotto, quinoa salad with pan fried trout or a steak and celeriac chips. Snacks – some nuts, raw chocolate ball, coconut water, lots of water and green tea.

5) Do you cut out/avoid any food groups?

 Gluten and refined sugar, I feel so much better without it.

6) Do you take any supplements? If so which ones?

 Fish oils, magnesium, vitamin d3, probiotics and a multi vitamin.

7) What beauty products do you use?

 I love Pai and Ren products. I use coconut oil as a moisturiser and I use Vapour and Ilia makeup.

8) Where do you like to exercise, and how often do you work out a week?

 I like to do yoga and weights, maybe 3-4 times a week.

9) Where do you like to eat out?

 Boma GreenDaylesfordThe Good Life EateryCevicheShoreditch House and Granger’s

10) How do you like to relax?

 Baths, meditation , walking or just taking my bike for a spin 🙂

11) You post some amazing recipes online, any plans for a book?

 um….I can’t say yes hopefully soon…:)

12) You host supper clubs, where is the next one and what can we expect?

 July 27th. I’m actually doing a brunch with a yoga class before! you must come.

13) Lastly, what are your top tips for ‘getting the glow’

 Eat wholefoods, move your body, smile every day and be grateful for all your blessings!

To keep up to date for news on the next supperclub click here


Paola Di Lanzo, is the (toned) beauty and brains behind one of the best workouts in London, Paola’s BodyBarre. Paola has trained celebrities, models, and anyone that wants to have a toned physique.  My review of Paola’s bodybarre is soon to come, but let me just say this, after experiencing only one class I was hooked and PBB is now a staple in my exercise routine. Paola is someone with amazing positive energy and an amazing body… I was desperate to see how she does it (and with three kids!)

Q1) How did you get into the health & fitness world?

I have always been passionate about fitness and health. I was an extremely sporty kid and that followed throughout my high school years.

You name it….I played it! I also loved ballet as a child. I started at 9 (which was a little late) and quit  at 14 as it proved too much to keep up with all  my sport and school work. At 17 I decided I wanted to be a High School Teacher so majored in Health and Physical Education. All the way through University I worked in gyms (Gym Instructor/Aerobics teacher). Once I graduated I realised teaching was not for me! I taught on and off for two years. I had several jobs from events organising to working in fashion as an agent for an Australian brand.

However, I always went back to my fitness. I have been a personal trainer since I was 21 (22 years). After my first child I realised my body wanted something different to the heavy weights, pounding the pavements and jogging every day! I discovered Pilates 12 years ago and was hooked. Over the years I have devised my own routine drawing on my fitness back ground and Pilates. I “upped the anti” on the original Pilates repertoire, which gave my client’s a routine that would keep their heart rate up whilst adhering to the basic principles of Pilates.

Q2) You moved from Australia to London 16 years ago. Do you think our attitude to health and exercise in the UK is very different from Australia?

When I first arrived I felt the Health and Fitness Industry was very much behind what it was in Australia . Now I think we are about the same. The only difference I would say is that in Australia we tend to more outdoors activities, merely because we have the weather that is conducive for this! It is not unusual to see hundreds of people running and swimming on the beach at 6am. The Australians are extremely health conscious and into their health. But I think we are in the UK. There is a huge fitness and health movement which is evident worldwide. Generally we are so much more aware!

Q3) Can you tell us a bit about Paola’s BodyBarre, and what people can expect from your classes?

Paola’s Bodybarre the Method is a mixture of Dynamic Pilates, Ballet, Dance and fitness. You can expect an intense body work out working into every muscle! We keep you moving so your heart rate stays up giving you the cardiovascular workout we all need! The class is fun and vibrant with loads of energy. Expect muscle soreness after your first attempt!

Q4) Women now aspire to be fit and healthy as opposed to being skinny. How do your classes help to create this toned physique?

We are all about “Fit Not Thin”  We try to promote healthy eating and training techniques that help build muscle and whilst keeping you fit. We do not focus on the weight loss factor, we focus on body composition. Eating correctly to build healthy bodies! I see a lot of women who have misconceptions about eating. Such as eating no carbs! This is my pet hate! We have to eat carbohydrates, just healthy ones. We are essentially a machine and in order for it to run it needs the right balance of fuels put into the body.

Q5) How do your classes differ from other exercise studios?

At PBB we have a variety of classes: Yoga, Pilates, TRX, Body FIT, Dynamic Pilates, Pre/Post Natal Pilates, Fit-Camp Ballerina, Barre-Pilates-Core and of course the PBB method. I would say we are different in that we encourage a mixture of training. We also love the Hybrid training concept. Mixing it up. Not getting your body too used to one type of training. We pride ourselves on our non-competitive vibe. I live right next door and treat the studio as an extension of my home so it is rather homely and welcoming with a non threatening environment. We don’t care for what other studios are doing we like to concentrate on what makes our clients happy, and us of course. I always wanted a space that made people feel comfortable whilst getting fit.

Q6) You have an exercise studio in Fulham are there any plans to open any others?

Since opening I have several investors approaching me! Right now I want to concentrate on Fulham. Maybe ask me one year down the track. My youngest child is only 22 months and three children and a new business is some what of a challenge! Never say never I say.

Q7) You have an open day this Saturday (21st) can you tell me more about it?

This Saturday we are offering free taster classes from 10.30am – 2.30pm. We want people to pop their heads in stay for a few 15 minute taster sessions. Have some yummy healthy snacks and fresh juices on us and enjoy themselves! We are also holding a raffle for the participants. The prize is a free block of 10 sessions at PBB. We also have a juicing work shop held by Jo Arthur at 3pm. (£25pp)

Q8) Do you have a signature exercise move?

Oh yes! I would have to say ‘Kick-Boxing Ballerina’s’ I have been using this term all my years of training Pilates. It’s not Pilates, however it is a mixture of a kick-boxing move with an element of ballet.

Q9) What is your normal eating and exercise routine?

My normal eating routine is a Rebel Matcha Tea or a spirulina green juice from Fresh Poppy’s Place  at 7am. After my 7am class I will have one of our healthy treats by Retreat Cafe, or Dynabites by Miss Nutritionist or yummy protein balls by Anita (Our Ballet teacher who is an AMAZING cook and heath food/raw food “chef”. By 10am I need a protein fix so I usually have eggs and some from of veg. I whizz by The Goodlife Eatery when I’m teaching in Chelsea or to The Pie Man (not for pies….for his healthy snacks and salads). At home we generally have fresh home cooked meals. I make sure myself Tom and the children eat a balanced healthy diet. All our veg is delivered weakly from Riverford farms!

As far as exercise is concerned now days I try to do one yoga class a week at the studio with Jo Arthur whom does an amazing Yin class or Jivamukti with Melody Hekmat whom is also a brilliant teacher. I need the Yoga with all the Barre classes I teach. As I also teach my privates and teach PBB at Grace Belgravia and KX Kensington it is rare I will go and do another fitness class. I think the 30 odd classes a week and my kids keep me fit enough. However I am dying to try PsycleBarry’s Bootcamp and SBC. I have heard amazing things!

Q10) Where do you like to eat out in London?

Locally my favourite is Poppy’s Place on Munster Road. I have my daily Soya late there and love to sit in for the smashed avocado and poached eggs or their lentil salad! It feels like you are sitting in your friends kitchen. I also love the new Jaks on Lots Road and  Olive on Munster Road for the best takeaway HEALTHY Italian (I grew up in my father’s Italian Restaurants in Australia so Italian food is a must!) E&O is a favourite if I feel like a cocktail and meal out with Tom.

I personally love to cook so my favourite meals are at home with my family!

Q11) what are your top tips for achieving a healthy body?

My top tips are balance. The right balance of exercise, type of foods and portions. If you over do it one day, just make up for it the next day. We can get into terrible cycles of guilt over eating. In my opinion the more you worry about it the less likely you will stick to a healthy eating plan. It’s a simple formula at the end of the day, energy input and output. Exercising and eating in moderation is my motto! I don’t believe in fad diets nor do I believe in cutting out foods that you enjoy that may be enjoyable for you to eat. MODERATION-PORTION CONTROL-BALANCE!