Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine Shaw

Madeleine is a qualified Nutritional Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She creates the most amazing  recipes, using  fresh, wholesome, organic produce. Madeleine has such a positive  attitude to food and life, encouraging people to be happy, healthy and to ‘get the glow’!

Her positive instagram pictures will definitely make you feel energised, and ready for the day ahead!

Madeleine’s recent clients include Millie Mackintosh and Caggie Dunlop

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1) Your mantra is ‘get the glow’ can you explain what this means?

 It is about being healthy from inside out.

 2) What made you get into health and nutrition?

 I used to have terrible IBS and ate all the wrong things, I lived in Sydney at the time and started working in a organic cafe, it changed my outlook on food, health and my body.

3)  What advice do you have for those that are struggling with IBS?

 Start slow, reduce gluten , eat healthy fats, take probiotics and eat slowly.

4) What does your daily diet look like?

 Breakfast; eggs with salmon and avocado or a green smoothie. Lunch; sweet potato chips with roast chicken. Dinner; buckwheat risotto, quinoa salad with pan fried trout or a steak and celeriac chips. Snacks – some nuts, raw chocolate ball, coconut water, lots of water and green tea.

5) Do you cut out/avoid any food groups?

 Gluten and refined sugar, I feel so much better without it.

6) Do you take any supplements? If so which ones?

 Fish oils, magnesium, vitamin d3, probiotics and a multi vitamin.

7) What beauty products do you use?

 I love Pai and Ren products. I use coconut oil as a moisturiser and I use Vapour and Ilia makeup.

8) Where do you like to exercise, and how often do you work out a week?

 I like to do yoga and weights, maybe 3-4 times a week.

9) Where do you like to eat out?

 Boma GreenDaylesfordThe Good Life EateryCevicheShoreditch House and Granger’s

10) How do you like to relax?

 Baths, meditation , walking or just taking my bike for a spin 🙂

11) You post some amazing recipes online, any plans for a book?

 um….I can’t say yes hopefully soon…:)

12) You host supper clubs, where is the next one and what can we expect?

 July 27th. I’m actually doing a brunch with a yoga class before! you must come.

13) Lastly, what are your top tips for ‘getting the glow’

 Eat wholefoods, move your body, smile every day and be grateful for all your blessings!

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