Roots & Bulbs

Roots & Bulbs

Roots & Bulbs is a juice bar offering cold pressed juices, smoothies and some healthy snacks. Cold Pressed Juices are the latest ‘must have’ in the health & fitness world. Cold Pressed juices are formed by crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables to ensure the highest nutrients are extracted. In so many juices and smoothies, often the nutrients are lost or damaged due to the heating methods used (where the spinning blade in a blender or juicer causes friction and heat when it breaks down the food).

Sarah & Laurent Cadji came up with the concept of Roots & Bulbs, as they found that ‘living in London, there was no option to live healthy on the go. We did not want complicated fussy food. We just wanted clean, organic ingredients that were not sold to us with empty promises’. So lucky for us Londoners, Roots & Bulbs was formed.

Roots & Bulbs is based off Marylebone high street, not far from where Russell Bateman conducts his SBC (skinny bitch collective) workouts. Russell is such a fan of Roots & Bulbs he recommends his clients head to Roots & Bulbs for a post workout shake. Have you seen these girls? Trust me you want to be drinking what they drink!


The juices are all hanging in the fridge waiting to be picked. There are two ranges of juices the ‘C range’ are all Carrot based and the ‘G range’ are all cucumber based.


I went for the ‘G1’ cold pressed juice which contained ‘cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon, ginger and spice.’ It was so smooth, clean and delicious. If you want a more sweeter option G2 contains Apple, and G3 Pineappple. They are numbered in order of fructose levels, 1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest.


The smoothies, are also a good healthy option. If you are passing by after a workout then you have the protein packed option of ‘The Boss’ (which contains coconut water, avocado, banana, Cocoa powder, Coconut meat & protein powder)  or the ‘Gym Freak’ (which contains almond milk, banana, maca, peanut butter & protein powder).  Sounds good right?!

Roots & Bulbs also offer a juice plan for £69 per day, providing you with 5 bottles of juices, 2 bottles of almond milk and individual packets of organic nuts.

It’s fair to say Roots & Bulbs is a must visit for any healthy eating lover. I would highly recommend you check it out…