Interview with Millie Mackintosh

If you follow Millie on instagram or twitter, you will have noticed she is really into her health and fitness, posting amazing pictures of healthy dishes or tweeting about her workouts. She was recently on Celebrity Masterchef, where she demonstrated her culinary skills and is the new face of beauty brand NiP+Fab. Having seen Millie in the flesh it is clear to see why she is in demand, she has an amazing  figure… so what are her top tips for getting a toned body?

1) Where do you like to train?

I like to mix it up and do around five workouts a week, I do Paolas Body barre maybe twice a week, barrecore, hot yoga basics for an hour, weight training with Richard Tidmarsh at Reach Fitness and maybe one SBC class. Psycle is a great spin class I try to go to if I’m in soho for the day. Obviously not all of that in one week but those are the places I go and I’m always open to trying new things


2)- How often do you work out?

Four/Five times a week depending on how busy I am


3) What restaurants do you like eat out in?

I love The Good Life Eatery for a healthy brunch after a work out! For sushi I love Roka and for cheat night I love Italian, Locanda Locatelli is my favourite

4) What does a typical diet look like for you?

 I don’t diet, I eat clean in the week.. No wheat or dairy, no processed food, no fizzy drinks, nothing in batter.

Then on the weekend I eat whatever I feel like.. I love getting a breakfast burger or burrito on weekends from my farmers market


 5) After your MasterChef success, any plans to release a cookbook?

Maybe… I’ve got a lot in the pipeline, I love cooking and sharing recipes so it would be fun


 6) How do you like to relax?

I listen to classical music and take a bath. I also find yoga helps to calm my mind

 7- You look amazing! Do you have any top tips for creating a lean and toned body?

 Find a form of exercising you enjoy that way you will keep going back.. I think mixing up your workouts gives your body more of a challenge

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Thank you Millie for sharing with us some of your top health and fitness tips!




I love a rooftop bar and Selfridges so when the two were combined I knew I had to go and check it out. You go up in the lift to the 5th floor. You are welcomed with fake grass everywhere! You enter into the restaurant, where there is a long bar and outdoor seating area. The restaurant and bar are covered by a retractable roof in case the sun doesn’t come out to play!

Rooftop Bar

1.073 002

Rooftop Restaurant

This is no normal restaurant, it is Q, a pop up sister restaurant to Des McDonald’s popular Q Grill restaurant, in Camden. Des McDonald is a  former Chief Executive of Caprice Holdings (The IvyJ Sheekey etc.)  and is also the man behind  Holborn Dining Room and The Fish & Chip Shop in Islington.

The pop up is open from 22nd May- 27th September, and they serve an all day menu, which has been described by Des McDonald as “ juices, pastries and coffees for breakfast followed by light grills, superfood salads, savouries and afternoon tea. We even have our friends JJ Fox on our cigar terrace

There is a classic or sugar free afternoon tea available. The desserts are from Daisy Lowe’s new cookbook which are all dairy, gluten and refined sugar free. They also have a pop up juice bar from The Juicery! So much goodness from one place!

The bar is nice for after work drinks, or mid/post shopping, The view is not as good as other rooftops in London, but it is a pleasant experience. I was really impressed with the food and the healthy menu, which caters for all. I went in the evening and had the Grilled sea bass, spiced chickpeas, heritage tomato, which was so fresh and tasty. It was nice and light as I was not overly hungry. The starters also looked great, I have my eye on the Peppered tuna, wasabi avocado, lime caviar, or the Q smoked beets, kiln roast salmon, horseradish starters for next time.

1.073 003

As I am about to post this I have seen that Russell Bateman, the man behind SBC, has announced he is going to host a pop up SBC class here… time to head back up top the 5th floor I think!



Roots & Bulbs

Roots & Bulbs is a juice bar offering cold pressed juices, smoothies and some healthy snacks. Cold Pressed Juices are the latest ‘must have’ in the health & fitness world. Cold Pressed juices are formed by crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables to ensure the highest nutrients are extracted. In so many juices and smoothies, often the nutrients are lost or damaged due to the heating methods used (where the spinning blade in a blender or juicer causes friction and heat when it breaks down the food).

Sarah & Laurent Cadji came up with the concept of Roots & Bulbs, as they found that ‘living in London, there was no option to live healthy on the go. We did not want complicated fussy food. We just wanted clean, organic ingredients that were not sold to us with empty promises’. So lucky for us Londoners, Roots & Bulbs was formed.

Roots & Bulbs is based off Marylebone high street, not far from where Russell Bateman conducts his SBC (skinny bitch collective) workouts. Russell is such a fan of Roots & Bulbs he recommends his clients head to Roots & Bulbs for a post workout shake. Have you seen these girls? Trust me you want to be drinking what they drink!


The juices are all hanging in the fridge waiting to be picked. There are two ranges of juices the ‘C range’ are all Carrot based and the ‘G range’ are all cucumber based.


I went for the ‘G1’ cold pressed juice which contained ‘cucumber, celery, spinach, lemon, ginger and spice.’ It was so smooth, clean and delicious. If you want a more sweeter option G2 contains Apple, and G3 Pineappple. They are numbered in order of fructose levels, 1 being the lowest and 3 being the highest.


The smoothies, are also a good healthy option. If you are passing by after a workout then you have the protein packed option of ‘The Boss’ (which contains coconut water, avocado, banana, Cocoa powder, Coconut meat & protein powder)  or the ‘Gym Freak’ (which contains almond milk, banana, maca, peanut butter & protein powder).  Sounds good right?!

Roots & Bulbs also offer a juice plan for £69 per day, providing you with 5 bottles of juices, 2 bottles of almond milk and individual packets of organic nuts.

It’s fair to say Roots & Bulbs is a must visit for any healthy eating lover. I would highly recommend you check it out…

SBC with Russell Bateman

They say it is important to mix up your exercise routine and always keep the body & mind guessing in order to avoid that exercise plateau. I have heard so much about SBC  and the founder behind it all, Russell Bateman that I went to check it out on Wednesday morning at 7am in Fitness First, Baker Street ,London. You cannot just turn up to these classes, you need to book an appointment beforehand by emailing Russell at The class costs £40.00, sounds a lot but it is well worth it! You will awaken muscles you didn’t even know existed, I promise you!

Also don’t let the 7am start put you off, you feel amazing afterwards and the class is so versatile that the 50 minutes flies. Once you walk into the class, you get the sense something amazing is about to happen. You are about to be put through your paces by a man who has worked with models, athletes and currently trains the likes of Suki Waterhouse, Millie Mackintosh & Daisy Lowe


The class itself is a mixture of plyometrics (jump training) primal moves (crawling) , mixed with intervals of running down a corridor carrying weights (both over your head and by your side). There is a lot of resistance band exercises, think revolving jump squats whilst wearing a tight band around your legs.

There is also a lot of group and couple exercises, where each other’s body weight works as a resistance. I was paired with a girl and we had to use each other’s body weight whilst holding the plank position. A genius move, I could really feel it working my whole body.


We finished the class by using the walls and metal post in the middle of the room to do upside down mountain climbers and burpees, these short bursts of intense exercises are real fat burners. This was followed by spider crawls with bursts of leg kicks. You never know what is coming next, but I loved how unique and clever the exercises were. I left the class feeling both body and mind strong. I am hooked and cannot wait to go back and see what Russell has in store for us next time…