Floatworks (Floatation Tank)

I have been a fan of epsom salts for many years, so when I had the opportunity to visit Floatworks and try out a flotation tank I jumped at the chance.  Epsom salts are great for detoxifying, relieving aches, pains, muscle tightness, and relaxing and de-stressing the body. You just add them to your bath and you can feel the benefit as soon as you get out (after soaking for about 20 minutes). If you are a regular gym user, with tight muscles, you will definitely benefit from using epsom salts.  Epsom Salts in floatation tanks are over 25cm deep, so the experience is heightened. I have listed some of the benefits of the floatation tank below:

Relaxation and Stress relieving
Boosting the immune system
Relieving anxiety and fear
Reducing blood pressure
Relieving aches and pains brought on from arthritis
Relaxing tight and sore muscles after exercise


Floatworks is based in London Bridge, literally a few minutes’ walk from the station. As you enter you head down the stairs into reception where you will be given towels (for £1) , and all the information you may require. You are then shown to your own private room which contains the floatation tank, a shower (with Faith in Nature products), ear plugs (if required) and barrier cream for any cuts, skin irritations that the salts might aggravate. They also advise you to not shave on the day.  You shower before you enter the tank, you can wear a swimming costume/bikini if required, but not necessary. The experience starts with ten minutes of relaxing tranquil music. You have the option of closing the lid and being enclosed in the tank or leaving it open. You also have the option of having the light in the tank on or off. They recommend for the ultimate experience that you close the lid and turn the light off. However if it is your first time this might be too much, especially if you have a tendency to  feel claustrophobic.


I started with the lid closed and left the light on. You float effortlessly on the surface of the water, and your mind just wanders. At the beginning of the experience you feel the tension in your neck and head and then after a few minutes you feel it release. I did turn the light off at one point, however for me it was too much, and I switched the light back on.  Five minutes before the experience finishes the music comes back on.  You will need to shower and wash your hair as the salts leave it quite knotty. There is a dressing room with hairdryers and products. You will also need to drink lots of water afterwards as it can leave you feeling slightly light headed.

Overall it is a unique experience, and as a friend said to me ‘where else can you go to relieve your body and mind of everything and experience the sensation of weightlessness?’ I spoke to some other customers and they all found it to be a spiritual experience and a fantastic way to go and relax. Personally I was quite aware of my surroundings and found it difficult to switch off, however so many people find it a rewarding experience and I am glad I have tried it.

One hour costs £45 and they are running a promotion where you can buy vouchers for three hours for £90

One comment

  1. Much easier the second time around, as it’s not an alien environment as your know what to expect – took me a couple of session before I actually “got it”

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