Ever fancied riding a bike in water? Well now you can! The Hydrobike is the new fitness revolution where you can work out on an exercise bike, which has been submerged in water whilst 20 power jets massage your legs, all in the comfort of your own private luxury room. Sold? The Americans and French certainly are- it proved a massive hit in France when it launched in 2011 and America soon followed suit, with hydro spinning classes popping up all over the states. However you don’t have to travel to experience this exercise phenomenon, Hydrofit is the first UK spa to house the Hydrobike.


 The Hydrofit Spa is situated in Fulham, about a ten minute walk from Fulham Broadway tube station. The Spa also has a juice bar, nutrition & fitness experts, and a range of relaxing spa treatments.

So what’s the fuss all about? The Hydrobike benefits include:

 Reduced Cellulite

Detox effect

Toning of legs

Burns 300- 500 calories in 30 minutes

Improved Cardiovascular

Weight loss

Improved circulation and lymphatic system

As you enter the spa, you are met by friendly staff, who will show you downstairs to your individual pod, or your duo pod (Two people in the same room in two separate pods). They leave you to get undressed in to your swimming costume, once ready, they will then instruct you on what to do and what to expect. They input your details into the system, so all you have to worry about is cycling. There is a TV system with headphones, and a Bluetooth headset for private phone calls. I did the duo Hydrobike with a friend, and it was a really nice way to catch up, whilst getting your exercise in.


As you sit on the bike, the cabin begins to fill up with water up to your waist, the water is room temperature. As the water first enters it might feel slightly cold, but after a few minutes of exercise, you soon warm up. You can monitor how fast you are going and what distance.  The time flew, it was a great way to burn calories, without realising how hard you are working.


Once the time is up, the water will begin to drain and the staff will come in and help you get out of your pod. There are showers, products and towels available in your room. However one of the benefits of this exercise, is your hair doesn’t get wet, no chlorine is used and there is no need to remove your makeup if you don’t want to, as your top half doesn’t get wet.

I found this to be such a simple and fun way of exercising. I personally loved the fact that you could work out with a friend. I also think it would be great for people to do in their lunch break, and not have to worry about getting their hair wet or having to re-do your make up. It would also benefit those with joint/muscular pain, as you are not applying any pressure to your joints. Overall this a great lower body workout, which burns calories whilst attacking cellulite, relaxing and massaging the muscles. All the results without the effort!

A 30 minute session costs £30 and a 45 minute session costs £40. n in water. This is coming within the next few months and I will definitely be back to check this out!

Thank you Hydrofit for a great experience! Go and check it out!

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