Le Pain Quotidien

I have walked passed Le Pain Quotidien numerous times shrugging it off as a rustic looking bakery. How wrong was I? It turns out Le Pain Quotidien is a fantastic place to go for deliciously healthy salads, breakfasts, juices and sandwiches.

Le pain prides itself on it’s ingredients. The eggs and breads are all organic. They serve an all day menu with organic eggs and bread, so if like me, you love breakfast then you can have it whenever you choose.

The restaurants also have such a homely, relaxed and rustic feel, with large wooden tables. You feel you could stay there all day!

So let’s start with some of my favourite dishes. Well I have to start with the Detox salad! It contains quinoa taboule , raw vegetables, avocado and organic rapseed oil. I also add smoked salmon to mine for protein, and it is literally a bowl of delicious healthy and fresh ingredients.

detox salad le pain

Another of my favourite salads is the Atlantic Prawns and mango salad. It contains mixed leaves, avocado, and fresh mango. It was really delicious and the portions are big so you leave feeling fulfilled. The salads also come with organic brown bread on the side.

I also like the tuna nicoise salad, with mixed leaves, organic egg, olives, cucumber, radish, basil and mustard vinaigrette

tuna salad

They also serve tartines, which is like an open sandwich. Given my obsession with avocado and smoked salmon I love the Avocado Tartine which is avocado, white beans, lemon hummus and toasted seeds on again a side of smoked salmon for that winning combination of protein and fat. The bread is organic brown bread! I usually stay clear of bread, but brown bread provides fibre and hey we are all allowed a bit of bread every once in a while!


.chicken cobb

Chicken cobb Tartine

Le pain also serves juices, organic teas and coffee, and I think would cater for all different tastes and ages. Le pain is now one of my favourite restaurants and I think… Well in fact I know you will love it too xx

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