If you haven’t heard of Paola Di Lanzo and her PBB studio- then it is a good job I am here! Paola’s Body Barre is the hottest and one of the toughest workouts to hit the fitness scene. Calgary Avansino recently stated it was one of her favourite workouts, Millie Mackintosh recently tweeted about it and Amanda Byram is a regular visitor to PBB. I have been going to PBB for a month now and I wanted to write this review now, rather than just after one class, as change doesn’t happen after one class, it takes four weeks to notice a change in your body.

So one month in I am noticeably stronger, fitter, my butt is far more toned and I have worked muscles I wouldn’t normally work. The PBB classes are different from other barre classes as they also incorporate a high level of cardio, seriously you will be sweating after every class. I have written notes after each class of how I was feeling, it is funny now looking back at the notes from my first class, here are a few snippets..

‘About 10 minutes in to the class I began to question my fitness levels’

‘I looked around me and noticed the other girls in the class seemed to have amazing stamina, I soon realised they were regulars’

‘That was one of the hardest workouts I have experienced’

The first time I tried PBB, I thought it would be similar to other barre classes, but it was a lot faster paced. You are straight into it, there are no long periods of rest, it is full on! Just when you think you can’t do anymore, Paola throws another set at you, or adds a weight in, but at the end of each class you will feel amazing, as you did it, you pushed your body, and each time you do it you feel stronger and fitter!


PBB is based in Fulham. Paola has been in the industry since she was twenty one years old, working with celebrities, models & executives. After having her first child, she found her routine of running and weights were just not making the changes she wanted to her body, so she trained in Pilates and created a programme which combined Pilates with cardio. Having practiced ballet from a young age, she also decided to train in barre and voila three children later she has a body to plié for! For more on Paola click here

The studio is fitted with two barres, TRX’s, and has all the equipment you need. The studio is really nicely done, it is actually next door to Paola’s house, so it has such a nice homely feel to it. The studio’s classes range from Barre, Dynamic Pilates , TRX Core, Jivamukti Yoga, FitCamp Ballerina, TRX Kettlebells and many more. So a whole range of workouts which all complement each other! Trust me you will need the yoga after the Barre and Barre Dynamic Pilates. The trainers all specialise in their field, so you will get a lot out of the classes.



So back to the classes and what you can expect… The PBodyBarre signature is one of my favourite classes. Filled with isometric exercises (small pulsing repetitive moves) and clever positioning that just work and burn muscles you never knew existed! Paola physically corrects your positioning, to ensure you are maximising the burn. It is full on, using the barre plus weights/a pilates ball/a pilates ring and your body weight to raise your heart rate and burn fat. I also love the Barre- Dynamic Pilates Core class, which is a fusion of Pilates, Barre and core, again this is a real fat burner, and it is a good introduction if you have never done barre before.

One of my favourite non barre class is Jivamukti Yoga with Melody Hekmat. This class focuses on chanting, breathing, vinyasa flow sequences (a flowing, dymanic form of yoga where postures are linked together by using breath) and meditation. Melody is hands on and will re-position you and really get you focused on your breathing. Each exercise you are constantly stretching and toning your body. The big focus on your breathing is great, as it transports oxygen into the lungs and the blood which helps to eliminate toxins, boost circulation and de stress the mind and the body. At the end of the session Melody massages your neck and back and all you have to think about is your breathing, you leave the class feeling so balanced and calm, it is amazing.

Another favourite is the TRX Core class with Paddy Colman. This class was much more harder than I expected. The class started off with circuits on the floor, which ranged from one armed burpies to jumping squats. Once our heart rate was up we then moved on to the TRX where Paddy created a range of exercises where we had to use our own body weight to perform the moves and our core to stabilise. This is definitely one for strengthening your core!

After you finish training there are an array of healthy snacks and drinks from Punch FoodsRebel KitchenThe Retreat Café and Organic Burstpowders. PBB also sells yoga mats, socks and SukiShufu workout gear…which I have been eyeing up for the past four weeks!

Overall, I loved working out at PBB. I loved the variety and intensity of the classes and the amazing trainers, particularly Paola. I love that my fitness has improved whilst toning and strengthening my body in just under four weeks.

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The classes start at 7am and there are a variety of classes throughout the week and on Saturday’s. Paola is currently offering an amazing deal of £40.00 for unlimited classes for a month for new members,  whilst also offering private training sessions.

I promise you will love it!

Visit or email for more information

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