They say it is important to mix up your exercise routine and always keep the body & mind guessing in order to avoid that exercise plateau. I have heard so much about SBC  and the founder behind it all, Russell Bateman that I went to check it out on Wednesday morning at 7am in Fitness First, Baker Street ,London. You cannot just turn up to these classes, you need to book an appointment beforehand by emailing Russell at The class costs £40.00, sounds a lot but it is well worth it! You will awaken muscles you didn’t even know existed, I promise you!

Also don’t let the 7am start put you off, you feel amazing afterwards and the class is so versatile that the 50 minutes flies. Once you walk into the class, you get the sense something amazing is about to happen. You are about to be put through your paces by a man who has worked with models, athletes and currently trains the likes of Suki WaterhouseMillie Mackintosh & Daisy Lowe


The class itself is a mixture of plyometrics (jump training) primal moves (crawling) , mixed with intervals of running down a corridor carrying weights (both over your head and by your side). There is a lot of resistance band exercises, think revolving jump squats whilst wearing a tight band around your legs.

There is also a lot of group and couple exercises, where each other’s body weight works as a resistance. I was paired with a girl and we had to use each other’s body weight whilst holding the plank position. A genius move, I could really feel it working my whole body.


We finished the class by using the walls and metal post in the middle of the room to do upside down mountain climbers and burpees, these short bursts of intense exercises are real fat burners. This was followed by spider crawls with bursts of leg kicks. You never know what is coming next, but I loved how unique and clever the exercises were. I left the class feeling both body and mind strong. I am hooked and cannot wait to go back and see what Russell has in store for us next time…

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