Le Pain Quotidien

I have walked passed Le Pain Quotidien numerous times shrugging it off as a rustic looking bakery. How wrong was I? It turns out Le Pain Quotidien is a fantastic place to go for deliciously healthy salads, breakfasts, juices and sandwiches.

Le pain prides itself on it’s ingredients. The eggs and breads are all organic. They serve an all day menu with organic eggs and bread, so if like me, you love breakfast then you can have it whenever you choose.

The restaurants also have such a homely, relaxed and rustic feel, with large wooden tables. You feel you could stay there all day!

So let’s start with some of my favourite dishes. Well I have to start with the Detox salad! It contains quinoa taboule , raw vegetables, avocado and organic rapseed oil. I also add smoked salmon to mine for protein, and it is literally a bowl of delicious healthy and fresh ingredients.

detox salad le pain

Another of my favourite salads is the Atlantic Prawns and mango salad. It contains mixed leaves, avocado, and fresh mango. It was really delicious and the portions are big so you leave feeling fulfilled. The salads also come with organic brown bread on the side.

I also like the tuna nicoise salad, with mixed leaves, organic egg, olives, cucumber, radish, basil and mustard vinaigrette

tuna salad

They also serve tartines, which is like an open sandwich. Given my obsession with avocado and smoked salmon I love the Avocado Tartine which is avocado, white beans, lemon hummus and toasted seeds on again a side of smoked salmon for that winning combination of protein and fat. The bread is organic brown bread! I usually stay clear of bread, but brown bread provides fibre and hey we are all allowed a bit of bread every once in a while!


.chicken cobb

Chicken cobb Tartine

Le pain also serves juices, organic teas and coffee, and I think would cater for all different tastes and ages. Le pain is now one of my favourite restaurants and I think… Well in fact I know you will love it too xx

Interview with Rebecca Gentry

Personal trainer and fitness model, Rebecca Gentry, has trained a host of celebrities, worked with top fitness brands, and worked at Bodyism. However most importantly, she trains hard, she eats well, looks amazing and is so passionate about what she does. I was fortunate to interview the lovely Rebecca and find out all her health & fitness secrets…

REFLEX-1158 (1) (1)


What advice would you give to those who want to get into the fitness industry?

Get your PT3 qualification with your chosen scheme but then never stop learning and expanding your thoughts, opinion and practises as the industry grows. Pick one or two key things which you are very good at and hone those skills to become awesome, the best: don’t be a jack of all trades!

What supplements could you not live without?

Sun Warrior Raw Protein Blend Chocolate flavour, Revolution Foods Superfruit Blend, Maca, Baobab and Moringa powder, Organic Burst Spirulina, Wheatgrass, Chlorella, Udo’s Oil to ensure I’m getting all of my essential omegas, Magnesium Taurate to help my body rejuvenate properly overnight, Vitamin D3 to keep me happy!!! I do like to take a milk thistle before bed if i feel very full or had a glass of wine.



What is your typical exercise regime?

I run 5km minimum every day, adding in a weights circuit 4 times a week upper and lower body and core, hot yoga at Fierce Grace at least 5 times a week – ideally everyday if I can fit it in. I also cycle everywhere now!!

What is a typical diet for you?

I try to have an 80:20 balance where i eat very well, ensuring my nutrition is awesome and providing my body with what it needs. my wonderful man bought me a great juicer so i make huge juices and have them in the fridge for snacks when I’m working adding in a supplement if i feel i need it. I don’t eat meat, but i do consume eggs and fish and adore experimenting with raw food concoctions. my go to meal would be coconut oil scrambled eggs with avocado and spinach and tomatoes home-marinated in olive oil and fresh basil. LUSH!

People often struggle to stay healthy when eating out, where are your favourite places to eat?

Coya and The River Cafe are my favourite London spots and both are insanely good for accommodating healthy food choices in a luxurious environment. My top brekkie spot when my man is in town is Granger & Co, we cycle there and back as they’re quite generous with portions!! For veggie or raw food Nama and Wild Food Cafe are un-miss able, I guarantee you will leave inspired to mix things up in your own kitchen.



What exercise clothing do you recommend?

I am a huge Nike girl, especially their running tights and sports bras which I find are reliable and comfortable, Lorna Jane activewear is my pretty kit for those gym and juice date days, and for some fun I am desperate to get some Onzie leggings into my yoga wear collection. The only shoes i wear to run in are Asics Gel 33 trainers but for strength or casual gym days I’ll rock the Nikes!!


Do you believe in being mind strong, as well as physically strong?

100%!! it is an ever giving circle – the more you work out the more endorphins you release which make you feel happy. With improved health and more than likely a happier vision of your own body people tend to become automatically more mentally strong and confident. The more you give the more you get back – stay strong and you are strong mind body soul and smile!!

Juice Tonic

Juice Tonic is a juice bar which is based in Soho. It opened at the end of last year, and has been a welcome to London’s juice scene. It offers a range of organic cold pressed juices, smoothies, Exilir smoothies, pharmacy shots, salads, sandwiches and some healthy snacks. I have spoken about my love of cold pressed juices before, but let me just give you a little reminder..

when you cold press  the delicate extraction process results in the nutrients and enzymes of the fruit & vegetables being retained. Some blenders/juicers end up generating heat when the blade breaks down the food, which results in some of the goodness being lost. Cold Pressed juices are often more expensive, than usual juices due to this more gentle process.

Juices are when you extract the juice out of food, and the fibre/pulp is removed. Many claim juices are good for giving the digestive system a break as it does not need to work as hard to break down the food.

Others claim smoothies are better as they contain the fibrous pulp. Smoothies are when the food items are blended and all the fibre remains. Nothing is ‘juiced’, all the ingredients are blended down to form a smooth, fibrous drink.

Exilir smoothies in translation is medicine. Exilir smoothies claim to take nourishment to the next level. They should contain a mixture of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, serving a purpose of healing. Traditionally they are served hot and all have different flavours of tea as a base.

Confused? Don’t worry, they are all good for you and I like to alternate between them all. So back to Juice Tonic, it is based on Winnett Street, in the heart of Soho. It is owned by Marco Proietti, a nutritionalist and health coach, who opened Juice Tonic to help the contribute to the ‘London health revolution’. Each juice is formulated with a specific function in mind. The combinations are not just thrown together, each flavour compliments the other and works with the body. Whether it is to detox, strengthen bones, boost testosterone- Juice Tonic has it sorted.


The shop itself is small, with a few tables and chairs, but generally is a take away place. The staff are so friendly and helpful and there is always a happy and positive vibe. The team are also happy to answer any questions you might have. My favourite is the ‘Clean Green’ cold pressed juice, Which has spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, lemon, ginger, and is made with love!

I also love the energy balls they sell. My favourite is definitely the Spirulina and Hemp Seed protein energy ball! Spirulina is a type of blue-green algae. It is rich in beta carotene and amino acids and can help protect the liver from toxic damage. Hemp seeds are a source of complete protein and fibre, they help lower cholesterol and promote hormonal balance in the body


Prices start from £5.50 – They also offer daily and weekly cleanse packages that can be delivered in Central London. Visit for more information.




Barrecore review

Having heard so much about barrecore, I could not wait to go and check it out. Barrecore is one of the hottest exercise classes to hit London. Barrecore uses ballet style exercises which promises to tone and create a long & lean body shape by stretching every muscle group in the body


1.073 008

There are two locations, one in Chelsea and the other in Mayfair. I went to the Mayfair branch which is just off Oxford Street. The studio is in the basement of 6 Cavendish Square. As you enter the studio you are given a tour of the studio, there are two studios and a private room with a Pilates reformer machine. There are showers, changing rooms & free lockers. The only thing they ask you to provide is non slip socks, and if you don’t have them you can buy them for £10. They also sell an amazing range of healthy snacks, such as eatloveraw bars, sun warrior protein powder, activated nuts and a great range of workout clothes.


1.073 005

Louisa Drake was our instructor, she came into the reception area to greet us and I instantly loved her. Louisa explained the class and what to expect. She explained the terminology that she will use in the class. She took us into the studio and Louisa told me to go to the front of the class, so I could clearly see her and follow the moves. The class definitely lived up to the hype. It was fast paced from start to finish, it is a total work out for the body.

1.073 018

Louisa Drake

So lets start at the beginning.  Each studio has a long ballet barre along each wall, and you are given weights, a pilates strap and a mat. You start on the floor warming up your muscles, however this is not a gentle warm up, you will be sweating. A lot of the exercises are isometric based, where you hold a position whilst performing small pulsing movements.  To start with this was moves such as a one legged side plank, plie squats &  press ups. We then moved on to the barre exercises. The barre acts as an aid to perform a range of isometric moves for the legs. My legs have never shaked like that before. Louisa was great at explaining positioning of the body, and throughout the class she would go around and correct people’s stance.


1.073 015

 The Studio

We then moved on to abs. We wrapped the pilates straps around the barre this then acted as a resistance whilst performing leg raises. We placed yoga blocks under our mats and the block acted like a support, whilst performing stomach crunching moves.

We  finished by performing stretches which really relieve stress and tension from your muscles, they needed it, they worked really hard! You leave feeling amazing. The positivity and high energy of Louisa stayed with me throughout the day.

I would recommend this class to all, whether you have low or high fitness levels. Louisa gave us options to make the moves easier or harder.

Barrecore is addictive, and I am going back…