Christiane Duigan

Christiane Duigan, also known as ‘Mrs Clean & Lean’ is the Director of Bodyfood at Bodyism and the face and body of the Clean & Lean diet books. Christiane lives and breathes the clean & lean lifestyle, cutting out C (Caffeine) R (Refined Sugar) A (Alcohol) P (Processed foods) and eats fresh, wholesome and seasonal foods, which detoxify and nourish the body.Christiane and her husband James Duigan (founder of Bodyism, author of Clean & Lean books) have just welcomed their second child, baby Leonardo into the world!   I wanted to find out all of Christiane’s diet and exercise tips for keeping clean & lean pre and post pregnancy!


1)  Congratulations on the birth of Baby Leo! How are you feeling?

Thank you! We’re very exciting to welcome Leonardo in to the world. I am now feeling well, but it isn’t always easy adapting and accepting all the constant changes going on in your mind and body.

2)  You have recently released a clean and lean pregnancy book can you tell us a bit more about it?

The guide is designed to make you feel supported and empowered during this amazing and challenging time. Women can get information on how to help boost their fertility, ensure they’re in the best possible shape before birth as well as reclaim their body afterwards. James has included everything a woman could need before, during and after pregnancy, from yoga poses to help boost fertility, stress-reducing foods to make conception easier, safe exercises for each stage of pregnancy and healthy dos and don’ts, to advice on dealing with morning sickness and cravings. The delicious Clean and Lean recipes are quick and easy to make and packed full of vitamins and minerals to nurture your body through every stage of pregnancy, whether you’re battling chronic morning sickness or fitting in a meal between baby’s feeds. A section on life post-baby includes getting enough sleep, recovering lost energy and how, gently, to get yourself back in shape and lose that ‘mum tum’. But it is just a guide – If you can only eat buttered white toast between your naps in bed… that is ok too!!


3)  Did your diet and exercise routine change when you were pregnant?

When you get pregnant, your instincts to love and protect your baby kick in straight away – so of course my initial idea what to eat and move well.

But the reality was very different. I was very sick and extremely tired – I had to lay in bed all day with buttered white toast and a bucket next to me! This initially felt really disappointing and naturally I started to worry about the health of the baby. But as time went on – the only thing to do was to accept and embrace what was happening to my body. It is the only way to be ok with the situation. This made me realise how lucky I was to be in perfect health before I got pregnant – that way my body had all the stores of nutrients it needed for my baby (even though it left me without!)

This of course improved as the pregnancy progressed – and the moment Charlotte was born, my cravings for delicious, nutritious, clean and lean foods came back instantly!

I do have a message for expecting mums and that is if you are not able to stick to healthy foods while you are pregnant – DONT WORRY! For 9 months – just don’t worry about it. Accept and embrace all the changes happening to your body while you grow your baby, the most precious thing you will ever have in your life, because post baby, you can eat normally again and you can get your body back!

4)  You regained your figure after giving birth to Charlotte, your first child. Do you have any advice for mothers who are trying to lose their baby weight?

As every mother – your body changes enormously while you’re pregnant. It’s a miracle what our bodies can do. I thought I would never get my body back – But 9 months after having given birth, my body was back to how it was before. I would say it takes 9 months to make a baby, 9 months to recover. The key is absolutely eating Clean and Lean. But more then that having a healthy and balanced approach to the way you eat.

This really hit home when I started weening Charlotte. Previously it was my breast milk that was keeping charlotte nourished and alive – and now it was the foods that I gave her that had to keep her healthy, nourished and alive!

I now see food as that – fuel that keeps us healthy or makes us sick! So with that in mind – I only choose the foods that make me feel good and as a result, my body responds and looks ok too!

Proper nourishment, mind set and movement is the key to a body you feel happy with. So I do a combination of training, yoga, pilates, massage and reflexology – all the things I love and am lucky enough to have access to at Bodyism.


5)  Do you have any tips for getting children to eat healthily?

When weaning your child – I found that introducing different foods early really helped and a lot of variety. Babies quickly get bored with the same foods so move on quickly once you’ve introduced something. There are so many ways to make children’s food tasty and interesting. For eg. Make chicken nuggets but coat the chicken in gluten free crumbs such as almond meal and bake them.. or use coconut oil. Children’s Clean and lean cookbook to come!!..

6) You have your own supplements range, which is your favourite?

It’s so hard to pick a favourite.. because I use them all! But If I could only take one – it would be Body Brilliance. This is the perfect blend of everything your body needs: protein (vegan), fibre, super greens and other herbs and minerals.


7)  Can you tell us what a normal day is like for you?

Here is a day out of my calendar when I’m in London: Take Charlotte to swimming class, Meeting with our new General Manager, Yoga, Cook lamb shoulder hot pot, Finish edits on the next book

8) Where are your favourite places to eat out in London?

My favourite breakfast and lunch spot is Granger & Co in Notting Hill and favourite dinner is Zuma

9)  What is your favourite cheat meal?

Anything warm, gooey and chocolatey!

10) You always come across so positive, how do you achieve this?

James always says ‘ a transformation that happens in your body, happens in your mind first’ I carry this philosophy in every aspect of my life – there is just no other way to be! Amazing things happen when you’re happy, positive and present to every moment.

11) What are your favourite beauty products?

At the moment i’m loving:

Georgia Louise – Cleanse + Heal Duo Balm

De Mamiel – Pregnancy oil

All body products by Mama Mio !

12) What are your top health tips, for those wanting to lose weight and get healthy?

Read Clean and Lean Diet!


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