Gemma Ireland

Gemma Ireland has healing hands, she is an amazing Reflexologist with a celebrity client list, Christiane & James DuiganKristin Scott Thomas and Felicity Kendal to name a few. Gemma specialises in fertility and maternity care, although she also works with cancer patients, and anyone wanting to re-balance their body.

I wanted to interview Gemma, because I have had treatments with her and I think she is amazing, and I wanted to share this special person with you all.  Gemma encourages us to treat our bodies properly and to have a positive mind.


1) What are the benefits of Reflexology?

 Reflexology is incredibly healing and balancing on the body as a whole. Working holistically returns the body back to a state of balance, ensuring that all the systems are working correctly,  enabling the body to work efficiently.  We all lead very busy, stressful, fast lives and our bodies were not designed to work like this. Having  a course of reflexology treatments helps the body work effectively and  makes you feel wonderful, with great results of healing any ailments.

2) Is Reflexology for everyone?

 I would say that Reflexology is definitely for everyone, I adore to  change the views of sceptics.  I treat clients from babies to 101 years  of age.

3) What can someone expect from their first Reflexology session with you?

  The discovery of how the body is such a powerful tool, the  understanding of how they should be gentle on themselves, the power of  the breath and they will come away feeling relaxed, energised, educated  and happy!  Along with the start of helping them heal their bodies through a course of reflexology.

4) Reflexology, along with other alternative therapies, are becoming increasingly popular, why do you think this is?

 I think that people are realising that there are so many different  profound ways of looking after yourself, rather than just going straight  to the doctor for antibiotics.  People are becoming more open to the  holistic way of treating the body as a whole and by trying alternative  medicine, they are being surprised by its powerful results and gentle  approach, with no side effects.

 5) What advice do you have for achieving a healthy balanced body?

 Everything in life should be at balance, in moderation and don’t be  hard on yourself, do anything to extreme, stay hydrated, exercise to a sensible level and eat a good healthy balanced diet.

6) You specialise in fertility treatment. Do you have any advice for those struggling to conceive?

  Absolutely, couples need to look at their lifestyles, what they are consuming, how they lead their lives, work/life/balance, it takes two to  make a baby!  Then you take it from there…

 7) You also work with cancer patients, can you tell us how Reflexology helps?

  Reflexology is incredibly relaxing, de-stressing, calming and above a wonderful tonic for those patients going through gruelling rounds of  Chemo and Radio, it gives them time out to feel at peace with themselves, have a rest and drift off in a blissful state.

8) You are London based, can you tell us some of your favourite places to eat out?

  I adore The River Cafe or Nobu on Park Lane, for a treat.

9) Do you have an exercise regime?

 I power walk without fail about 6 miles a day doing the school run, cycle to all my clients, do yoga once or twice a week and occasionally swim once or twice a month.  I adore to breathe the fresh air, see the nature and free my mind.  Gym culture is not for me!

10) What differentiates Bodyflow from other Reflexologists?

  Bodyflow therapists and teachers are all highly trained, qualified, experienced, friendly and extremely good at what they do, I only have the BEST people working for me as there is nothing worse than a bad treatment or class!

To make a booking with Gemma or her team please click here

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